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All customers, growers:

Korla Pear upcoming in the past few months, now starting to have a lot of merchants and farmers are beginning to care about them all kinds of information about a pear. Mail before the site also has a subscription system, there is a problem due to various reasons. As an administrator I have been unable to find this problem, recently there are many merchants and farmers contact me only say this problem. Here I want to thank Shanxi Zhang boss, he has given me to say this problem. The same time as my personal management has caused the delay in receiving our Members Korla Pear Latest news caused distress to everyone, and here I also like you to say sorry! Today I re-create the mailbox subscription system, but after repeated testing, now the system is ready for normal use. The same problem would never happen again, hope you re-subscribe at our Korla Pear network!

Subscribe steps: 1, click on the top right corner click Home Subscribe to E-mail button → 2, enter the QQ mailbox → 3, click OK → 4, logged-mail View active channel → 5, click to confirm your subscription → 6, subscribe to succeed.

Subscribe to succeed, your mailbox has Tips:

Message content provided by third parties, do not easily believe that winning notification, advertising, information, promotions, and other free content. If you do not attempt to subscribe to this column, please ignore this message.

Seeing this, we do not need him. After this we will be able to always pay attention to our website dynamic, dynamic information of Xinjiang specialty fruit!


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June 25, 2013

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