About 2013 Korla Pear Origin agency problems

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Now we give all customers say something about the origin of Korla Pear 2013 charge d’affaires and other issues.

The annual Xinjiang Korla Pear in the current year by the end of August to begin preparations picking up, and the annual July started a lot of attention, a lot of businessmen consult the relevant information Korla Pear. As China’s Xinjiang Korla Pear has a geographical representation specialty. Whether at home or abroad have a very significant reputation, as the market demand increases, it can be said that all over the country and abroad to do business Korla Pear. For the past we have worked abroad and do not continue to read below, today is not with us for some friends that worked with relevant information about our agency.

Our main agent products: Korla fragrant pear, Gong pear, Fuji apple Aksu, Xinjiang jujube (optional according to customer demand Bazhou dates Ruoqiang County, Aksu surrounding dates, and Hetian jujube), Akzo walnut.

Principal activities; fruit growing, fruit picking fruit wholesalers listing agent for the collection of fruit; fruit storage of export Sinotrans: one-stop service for merchants.

Select Our advantage: We are local websites Xinjiang specialty fruits, with the first song of the pricing information, probably yield per orchard management information. Meanwhile our website in the major search engines have a certain natural rankings. This is not only in China, also in foreign countries is the same, all handled in our business. We all will be free for merchants release sales information, so as soon as possible sources of supply merchants who buy a good price. Also more cooperation opportunities and foreign businessmen to make your business more prosperous.

Powered own orchard.

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Korla City, the origin and establishment of a fixed point on the goods agent pear, fruit wholesalers around the agency for the long-term acquisition of Xinjiang specialty fruit. Strict control of fruit quality time with the goods. Signed with local packaging plant distribution agreement, customers can supply wholesale pear package. And transport companies to establish long-term cooperative relations, to ensure transportation safety.

Pear first year August 25 start picking market. Origin picking supply period of one month. Origin of some pear into cold storage, all using the new calandria preservation library storage. Storage period may be available until next June. Mercury pear and pear also listed.

Agency matters: purchasing packaging, selected orchards, distribution packaging, testing fruit quality. Contact cargo transportation organization. Fruit prices are based on market price. Total agency fee of 0.2 to 0.3 yuan / kg, large favorably. Made direct loading, no short-distance transport. On the goods quickly.

Our commitment. For merchants to provide high-quality fruit, reduce the cost of acquisition of each link. All for the sake of customers. Hope long-term cooperation with our customers. (If there is anything we need to consult cooperation can call hotline!)

Welcome to the major merchants to come with us to discuss cooperation!

Cooperation Hotline: 18599267181 (Fang Yongping)

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