Korla large supply of quality pear pear origin

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Korla fragrant pear after December 28, 2012 we received an order, but the customer has a requirement we’ve never done before. It is that we should show our proof of Korla fragrant pear origin, at the same time required to the trademark of Korla fragrant pear.

Although we sell before pear packing box above all trademarks, but not opened a certificate of origin. In order to meet customer requirements, we found the Korla City Bureau of agriculture and forestry bureau. Through the understanding to forestry bureau Comrade, Korla pear is protected. Want Kaiyuan certificate of origin must pass inspection, as the saying goes, true gold does not fear fire, we accompany Korla pear Association of engineers together to our cold storage, open for inspection. Test result of determine is producing area of Korla fragrant pear.

For the content of the above we just want to show a little, we Korla pear ( korlapear ) is produced by the Korla. Quality is guaranteed. And we can provide origin certificate of inspection. So please rest assured that the majority of customers ordering.

Order hotline: 18699668072

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